About D



No, no, there’s no need to alert the media: I am NOT the fourth member of TLC, but those three adjectives describe me, D, pretty well.


Not in the sense that I need to be locked up in an asylum or anything, but I’m crazy in the good way — yes, such a way exists. Crazy is sometimes informally defined as “intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited,” and that is a good way to sum up how I tackle life. Why not be enthusiastic, passionate, and excited about life?? YOLO! (Yes, I did just use YOLO…Carpe Diem! For you older folks or people who can’t accept Drake’s “motto.”)


I’m sorry, do I really need to break that down to you? I guess if you don’t know me personally, then you don’t really have proof that “sexy” is an accurate adjective to describe me. It is, trust me. I’m sure you will see some pics/videos of me soon, but in the meantime, I invite you to check me out on instagram: PRINCESSDANIL.


I’m cool in the “you’d want to be my friend” kind of way. I’m also cool in the “oh, you’re feeling pressured? Not me, I live for these moments” kind of way. I’ve been told I’m “as cool as a cucumber.” And if you disrespect/wrong me, you’ll get to see the other cool side of me — but who wants to see that side??? (No, trust me, you don’t want to!)


So that’s me. In a really tiny nutshell. You’ll learn more about me in due time!!

Have anything you want me to discuss on MISC.? Email me!! daniknowsbestWP@gmail.com.


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