Can Dreams Really Come True?

9 Oct

Today I write, as a broken spirit…

I said I was going to get back on track, but reality smacked me in the face today and told me to have a seat.

What do you do when the career you dream of becomes something that cannot become a reality? Do you give up? Change your dreams?

Usually I’m on “Team Dreams Can Come True,” but today, I feel as though all of the members of my team got shot and killed, and with it, so did my hope.

I feel like this post can go in a thousand directions…

I could focus on how student loans are the worst things ever, and how because I am in debt up to my ears, I cannot afford to get into the industry that I want so badly to be a part of.

I could talk about tips on how you can overcome a feeling of defeat — oops, I can’t do that, because I’m clearly struggling with that right now.

I could tell you how in times like these you have to “let go, and let God,” but even I am sitting here struggling to believe things will get better.

So alas, I finish this post the same way I started it: as a broken spirit.


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