The Bottom

7 Oct

If there is one good thing about hitting rock bottom, it is that the only way left for you to go, is up.

I mean, what can be worse than crying under the blankets for days, eating donuts in bed (maybe that isn’t too bad, just unhealthy), being unemployed, and broke…with Sallie Mae calling me everyday?  (God please don’t accept this as a challenge!)

Ok, so technically things could be worse, but I’ve learned that each person’s “bottom” is different, and right now I’ve reached mine.

I didn’t expect to be feeling like this two months after graduating with my master’s degree — that “on-top-of-the-world” feeling has left me.

This feeling of depression has got to go, so today, I pledge to start climbing back to the top, as that is where I know I belong.

I don’t know what your struggle is, but let’s remember this quote, together:

“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

And now I leave you with an inspirational song, of sorts, by Florence + The Machine (who I’ve been sort of obsessed with for the past month or so…)



P.S. We can and will overcome any adversity we face! Stay optimistic!


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