And just how do I explain this?

4 Oct

Do you ever decide that you want to do something, but have no idea where to begin??

Or how about, you have so many great ideas, but don’t know which one to pursue??

OR, you know what you want to do (and it involves a bunch of different things), but you don’t know what to name your precious product??

Ok, if so, we are on the same page!

I’m D, and I’ve decided to start a new blog: a place where I can talk about things that interest me, like beauty trends, products, tips and basics one day, and then the next day talk about love and relationships… And then the next day talk about workout tricks to give you a gravity-defying booty…followed by an op-ed about how hard it is to be a Saints fan this season.

If you think I’m all over the place, good — that means you are paying attention!

So how the hell do you name a blog that touches on a little bit of this, that, and everything in between?

Welcome, my dears, to MISC.

MISC.: Abbreviation for “miscellaneous,” which is defined as consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character; or having various qualities, aspects, or subjects.

So let’s consider this blog a miscellaneous collection of my thoughts, tips, advice, ideas, photos, videos, and so on and so forth!

Bottom line, just be ready for anything.

Thanks for checking out MISC. and I hope you enjoy!



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